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Parent Testimonials

"After having my children attend a highly ranked public school for 2 years, I still felt like something was missing. It should have been common sense what was missing but I really questioned what it was. The teachers were good, test scores were high, kids seemed happy. So what was missing? My husband and I decided to take a "leap of faith" and enroll our girls at St. Lawrence Martyr School.

My question was answered on the first day of school...it was God! God was missing from public school. From the moment we set foot on the SLM campus, we witnessed God in so many ways. From the open arms we received from SLM families, to the amazing blessing the father placed on the students and teachers, to the love we felt poured out upon each student. We knew immediately we had made the right decision.

Having our children attend St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic School is important to me because everyday they get to learn important life skills like having faith, prayer, respecting others and helping those less fortunate. They are allowed to love and be loved. That is what was missing...and "that" had made all of the difference." - Joelean & Jeff L.


"I send my kids to Catholic school because I didn't grow up with a faith-based background and always wished that I had. My parents and my husband grew up in the Catholic Church so it was a natural choice for us to make when we had our own family. The sense of community, opportunities to help others and quality education that my kids are getting via St. Lawrence Martyr School are invaluable, and I'm so glad we made this choice for our children." - Jessica V.


"Loving children for who they are... being part of a Catholic community... education that helps us as parents raise children with faith, instilling proper morals and strong character. That's why I sent my kids to St. Lawrence Martyr School." - Tania R.


“I think it is equal parts excellent education, infused morality and strong supportive community. I kind of see it as a triangle where if any of the three legs was missing, it would collapse. After twelve+ years, I feel the education has been excellent, especially with the Academic Decathlon and Mock Trial programs. I love that the Bible is consistently discussed and used in class assignments, and that kids, teachers and parents are held to a high moral standard. Finally, I really love the community, and we genuinely have a loving, caring, supportive set of families who have each other’s backs, especially when times are tough.” - Eric A.


"A Catholic education, I believe, is a holistic approach that cares for the complete person (body, mind & spirit). This approach compliments and reinforces what I began at home for my son and is a gift I desire to pass on to him. It allows my son the opportunity to see his faith as not just a religion and a duty but a way of life and how we interact with one another. The language of prayer & service are practiced and echoed as his friends, teachers and families go through difficult times. It also helps mold and form his conscience to choose the way of love that God desires for us.

Thus far, I have seen my son grow and thrive because of the academic excellence, the integration of faith and discernment of spirit that is offered at St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic school. Ultimately, these ingredients will lead him in discovering God’s will for his life and having something to cling to forever. What more could a mother’s heart desire for her son?” - Caterina C.