Megan Wynne - Assistant Principal

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I can usually be found running around the halls with a smile on my face, rushing to help teachers and students with their technology woes. I really enjoy what I do here at SLM and who I get to work with. My colleagues are my friends and I enjoy working with them and learning from them.  I love learning new things and conveying that to my students. I love that I get to talk about God and my faith with others who share the same values. I am really passionate about what I teach (sometimes too much!).

After teaching 4th grade for 8 years, I became the computer teacher and technology administrator. I do miss the 4th grade curriculum, but I get to teach math to 4th grade.  I love it when my students get excited about learning and have a good time.  I had many inspirational teachers who made learning interesting, memorable and joy-filled. That is the kind of teacher I wanted to be. When I am not at school or doing teacher things, I like to spend time with my two sons and my husband.  I enjoy reading and learning about health and nutrition, and learning challenges and the brain, dreaming up redesigns for my home, and cooking (picky kids aside).

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