Jessica Medeiros - Elementary Spanish Teacher


Hello to all, my name is Jessica Medeiros. I am entering my 3rd year as the elementary level Spanish teacher at St. Lawrence Martyr. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a concentration in elementary education from Bridgewater State University. I am 100 percent Portuguese as both of my parents were born in Portugal. I was born and raised in Fall River, MA. A truly populated Portuguese community. I learned speaking Spanish throughout my childhood; Portuguese was my first language, which helped me acquire the Spanish language fairly quickly in my secondary and college education.

I’ve always had a passion for language and knew I wanted to become a teacher from the start. I love my job and I believe so strongly in the power of education. I always tell my students being bilingual is truly a super power. My goal is to help my students reach their fullest potential while talking, reading and writing in the target language as much as possible while still making it fun, as we learn many songs, dances, and games that will help the students acquire the language. I hope you find your children enjoying and speaking the Spanish language. Please feel free to come in and explore our classroom, as your student’s work will be posted. I look forward to meeting you all!

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Image Credit: Daniel Solomon Photography