2019-2020 Tuition and Fees

Educational Cost per Child

The “Parish Investment” Tuition Rate for grades K-8 is $5,450/year or $545/month.

The “Parish Investment” Tuition Rate for Transitional Kindergarten is $5,575 or $557.50/month.

The Standard Tuition Rate is $7,500/year or $750/month

Families who actively support the parish qualify for the Parish Investment Rate. Qualifying families must attend to the following:

  • Be registered members of St. Lawrence Martyr Parish.

  • Be committed to actively share in the faith life of the parish by attending liturgies.

  • Volunteer time and talent in parish ministries or activities.

  • Financially support the work of the parish and invest in the parish through on-line or envelope giving or other traceable financial contributions to the parish.

Annual Registration/Supply Fee

Registration fees are due each year in the month of March for the preceding year. The registration fee holds a “seat” for the student for the upcoming year; therefore, the fee is due in its entirety by March 31st and is non-refundable. The registration fee includes the cost of standardized assessment materials, computer maintenance and software, student insurance, health fees, art supplies, and disaster preparation fees. In addition, some grades have additional fees due to special functions held during those years.

Registration Fee for Grades TK - 8th: $400

Additional fees are required for the following grades:

1st Grade: $50 one-time fee for The Big Buddy/Little Buddy Program

7th Grade: $50 one-time fee for the Graduation Breakfast.

8th Grade: $200 one-time fee for graduation activities and The Big Buddy/Little Buddy Program.

Capital Improvement Fund

A one-time fee of $500 per new family is assessed in order to contribute to building projects and maintenance.

Family Fundraising Requirements

Fundraisers provide two basic elements: community building and additional income which helps to balance out the true cost of an education.

Families are required to contribute or raise the following contributions per year to help offset the cost of tuition: 

  • 1 student $525

  • 2 students $550

  • 3 students $575

  • 4 students $600

Various fundraisers such as the Fun Run, SCRIP sales, Hawaiian Raffle, etc., provide avenues for this requirement.

Note: Families may choose to pay the “true cost” per child rate, and be waived of all fundraising and volunteer obligations. Please contact the school office for this information at 310-316-3049.

Collection of Tuition and Fees

St. Lawrence Martyr School partners with Smart Tuition for the processing and collection of tuition and fees, such as those mentioned above including extended care, field trips and lunch milk, etc.. Smart Tuition accepts credit card and debit payments online and via telephone. In addition, money orders or checks may be mailed directly to the Smart Tuition headquarters. No tuition and fee payments in any form, cash, check or credit card, etc., will be accepted at the School for any reason. New school families must enroll in Smart Tuition prior to July 1st before the start of the school year. 

Image Credit: Daniel Solomon Photography