2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Educational Cost per Child

ADLA Parishioner Rate Grades TK-8:  $5,355/year or $535.50/month

Non-ADLA Parishioner Rate Grades TK-8:  $7,400/year or $740/month


Annual Registration/Supply Fee (Non-Refundable)

The registration fee covers the administrative costs that are necessary to prepare a child to enter into a new school. The cost also covers testing materials, computer lab maintenance, instructional materials, and basic supply fees. In addition, the fees for some grades increase due to the cost of special functions held during those years.

Developmental Kindergarten: $425 per student
Kindergarten and 1st Grade: $375 per student
Grades 2-6: $350 per student
Grade 7: $425 per student
Grade 8: $550 per student

Capital Improvement Fund

A one-time fee of $500 per new family is assessed in order to contribute to building projects and maintenance.

Family Fundraising Requirements

Fundraisers provide two basic elements: community building and additional income which helps to balance out the true cost of an education.

Families are required to contribute or raise the following contributions per year to help offset the cost of tuition: 

  • 1 student $525
  • 2 students $550
  • 3 students $575
  • 4 students $600

Various fundraisers such as the Fun Run, SCRIP sales, Hawaiian Raffle, etc., provide avenues for this requirement.

Note: Families may choose to pay the “true cost” per child rate, and be waived of all fundraising and volunteer obligations.

Image Credit: Daniel Solomon Photography