WHAT IS OUR STLM INCLUSION PROGRAM? Our Catholic faith teaches us the worth of every individual, and we believe all students are unique and valued. Teaching in an inclusive environment is characterized at STLM by differentiated instruction and teaching to the various learning styles of each student. It has touched the spiritual and academic development of every student at our school. Differentiated Instruction is an instructional strategy that, in simplest terms, means revising lessons and instructional delivery to meet the individual needs of each child in the classroom. St. Lawrence Martyr School sees this as foundational to the inclusion program, because educationally the goal is to have all students experience measurable growth over each school year. This growth is regardless of whether a student is a high performing student or a student who needs additional assistance with key concepts. Thus, it is always important to stress to our parents, staff, and teachers that every child at STLM is part of the inclusion program.

Inclusion Team: Mrs. Laurie Rotuna, School Counselor*, Mrs. Tania Ryan, Resource Specialist*,a member from Administration, and your student's teacher/s.
*Please be sure to visit our individual pages for more information about our roles and links to helpful parent resources.

Resource Specialist: Mrs. Tania Ryan

Provides a variety of academic instruction, support, and guidance services to help meet the specific learning needs of all students both in and out of the classroom. If your child is experiencing challenges or you have any questions, please contact me at:

x297 or tania.ryan@stlmschool.org

School Counselor: Mrs. Laurie Rotuna

Provides confidential counseling for academic, social, & emotional needs of students as well as family support and parenting skills.

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays

x256 or laurie.rotuna@stlmschool.org