Parent-Teacher Organization Mission

The Parent-Teacher Organization provides support to the pastor and principal in their endeavors to deliver a quality education in the areas of Faith Formation, Academic Excellence and Stewardship.  Under the direction of the pastor and principal the PTO will provide the following support: 
  • PTO members will lead the community in creating open and transparent communication that fosters participation and engagement without judgement. 

  • PTO members will work in synergy with the school administration toward building a culture and environment that permeates gospel values and in turn creates an in-demand entity for those in our community seeking a faith-based education for their children.

  • PTO members will champion all fundraising projects, which includes creating and over-seeing fundraising opportunities as well as promoting and encouraging community participation

  • PTO members provide parental support and community building through providing parent educational events and service and volunteer programs for both parents and students. 
PTO Members 
DK Rep. Kelly Martinez Hospitality
K Rep. Amy Battle Secretary
1st Rep. Jennifer Holladay Hospitality
2nd Rep. Alyssa Reynolds Treasurer
3rd Rep. Jeff Vicario Fund Raising
4th Rep. Billy Tieman Volunteer Coordinator
5th Rep. Amanda Smith Community Service Coordinator
6th Rep. Sam Tramontin Marketing/Communications
7th Rep. Marc Song Co-Char/Parish Liaison/Marketing
8th Rep. Gerry Lomas Chair
Tech Rep. Eric Altshuler Technology
Staff Jeff Lee Teacher Liaison
Staff Tania Ryan Teacher Liaison
Vice Principal Megan Wynne  
Principal Diane Kaiser